role model my ASS!

dnt get me wrong ; i love her songs nd her style.itsz unique. buh at dha same time i dnt see why any girl would like to look up to someone who lets a guy lay a hand on u! i understand dat she loved him nd whaeva cuh we all go through dat, buh she gotta understannd dat ders so far dat a man can go wit u nd if he crosses dha line, best belive u betta put his ass in check!! i wasnt der dat nite to judge on anything buh at dha same time, ur mother taught to fight bac no matta who it is.Chris Brown only like 5ft tall, sit on top of his ass shyt lol! i jus hope next time she learn how defend her self nd bang head againt dha steering wheel=)
--everyone has a weakness.i have two; everything u say nd everything u do"!

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