-dhis is new to me ;

well dis is new to me ; i started doin dis cuh i saw my bestfriend nd it looked like fun to write about anything dat come up in ur head lolsz . i do wrk so im not be able to do dis all dha time nd plus my mom is a FACEBOOK QUEEN so she hogs dha computer all dha time=p

anywho ; im 17yrs young. i am a senior at bukeley high skool=p idk wha i wanna do wen i graduate from high skool yet but i kno it will come to me soon! lol. i love to go shopping, im really good at dat.love parting wiff my bestfriends cuh dats wha we do best. nd belive it or not i love to read=) i do have a phone buh im not txt-aholic like my best frinds are [f4) some ppl like me cuh im a really nice person once u get to kno me otha den dat, u can hate me if u wnt .really i dnt give a damn yo!i live everyday as if it was my last cuh i kno dat 2mrrw is never a promise . ilearned dhat wen my grandmother passed away 1yr ago[ ' r.i.p grandma ) my fav color is pink nd red . nd i love fashion♥ ; let me leave ya wit a few words-- "there are 3 things that should never be broken.; promises.friendships nd hearts".

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  1. no their is another thing that should never be broken a bone silly hahah cool bio blog