the VMA's 2009

uqh ; why would he do dat=/

kanye west is officaly a hater!!

--yea he got $$$ nd he dgaf buh at the same time, dat shyt was jus un called for .SMH. dat was dha 1st time at Taylor Swift ever won a moon man nd she really wanted to cherish dat moment so why would he come out of nowhere nd take dha mic like dat . i would have pushed his ass off dha stage shyt>=) he wouldnt like it if some one had done dat to him. didnt he learn dat in skool?! lol. dnt get me wrong i agree dat Beyonce should have one "best female video" buh i still love her to nd it was the ppl who voted not only him!!!

-; WTF is wrong wit her!!!
lady gaga

idk if she looks at her self before she leaves any where or she jus dosnt give a hoot bout wha anyone has to say bout her. FIRST; she comes in wearin a dress dat looks like a peacock nd she could even move her neak around nd her dat was Cirmet the Frog . like really, hes a puppet. SECOND; the red dress that looked like a giant bloody tampon.lmao. THIRD; where did the blood come from in her performance. she looked like a canable nd looked like she belonged to rehab plce. she needs help; trust. ND LASTLY; the last out fit she had towards the end of the show she looked like alein escamo lmao; she has
issues=/ buh i still <33 her music
Best performance. hands down!
--my theme song from last yr. i love dis song nd nd love dha dance. Beyonce knos how to represent for ladys doin it big in the musiq industry. Single ladies (put a ring on it) is nd always will be the anthem for all ladies ; single married gay or strait=)

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