goodbye 09

damnnnnnnn. it feels like jus yesterday we were welcoming 2009 nd now were welcomg2010. dis year went by sooo fast it dosnt eve feel like it was a yr . Obama got inaugurated , Rihanna got her ass whoop[lmao) Nicki Manaj did it for the female rappers, Micheal Jackson died [rip] Kanye west made a fool of him self on Mtv music awards, this was Beyonce year, Jon nd Kate no one cares bout ya,Jay-z had dha best album of dha year nd ders more buh i cnt name it all lol.

&& as for me i had alot of ups nd downs buh i got through dem all . i still got my besties by my side, im wit someone dat loves me nd im still alive lol


  1. oh i know right. it went by sooo so fast!

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