were way beyond bestfriends=)

You're so beautiful, so strange, so lovely. That's the truth
fantastic four*
these girls have been through everything wit me ; its almost like my pain is there pain nd if im im hurt best belive dat der goin afta the person. it all started 11.17.09 or as moya thinqs 11.16.07 cuh dats her b.day lol. we all new each otha for a long time especially me nd dalyn. [shes my blood sister] we jus clicked really fast it was almost like it was ment to be ; we have the best of times together whether its a good or bad day , we can laugh bout ANYTHING IN DHA BOOK. we makin up new words cuh we like to have code names for thing so that ppl wont kno wha we talkin bout buh dey eventully start usin our words buh it okay cuh we kno where dey got it from. most of dha time were with each otha jus hangin out wit dha fam nd friends. Specking of friends, we dnt have a lot of girl friends cuh dat jus has DRAMA all over it.dey jus dnt like us cuh of dha way we are or maybe der jus mad cuh were pretty nd dey look like butts lmao. People are always tryin to hang out w/ us cuh dey hear storys of the fun crazy things we do like : steal pocket signns nd put dem in front of ppl yards or wen we go to partys everyone wants to e around us nd take pics wit us [ dos pics are gon be worth alot in dha futur=]) des girls kno my life story from wen ive been hurt the past nd wen dey picked me up to find someone dat was truley gon be der to love me . nd i actully did find him♥ (z&j 71609)i wanna thanc des girls for everything dey have done for me nd for futur notice. & wen we all have kids we hope to pass dha torch to dem


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