good day gon wrong!

it almost felt as no one cared bout me yesterday nd dat dey jus dint wnt me to be aprt of anything.i wont put anyone out der not day all im gon say is dat im goin bac to my old ways. dha days wen i didnt give a fck bout wha anyone hd to say bout me nd dha days wen i didnt care bout anyone else!! i wont have any regrets bout dis cuh ya mad me get dis way. maybe u dnt kno how it felt to have someone bac on u buh i do.while ya where out havin a good time ; i was home thinqin bout how much fun i would have been havin if i would have gone wit ya=/ im not blaming anyone for wha happend buh as my bestfriends u guys could have included me in ya nite plans instead of me having to find out by my mom dat ya where goin out. i stayed up all nite cryin cuh i didnt feel like my "bestfriends" where bein "Best Friends". girls who i tell everything && anything to jus left me like our friendship ment nothing to them=( .thnx alot

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